Episode 134: A Very Brady Episode

September 4, 2019

And we are back with more discussion and debate of the latest national security legal news! Tune in for cohosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney as they take up:

  1. Domestic terrorism and the questions such as (a) whether there ought to be a “designation” process for domestic groups and (b) whether the phrase “civilian population” presents vagueness issues if employed in a criminal law measure.
  2. A trial date for the 9/11 trial at GTMO!  Will it really be underway as of January 11, 2021? What impact might the election have?  And why does that date look familiar?
  3. Presidential disclosure of classified information: it runs the gamut from formal declassification to…tweeted photographs of photographs?
  4. We’ve got one eye on the ongoing talk of a “peace” deal in Afghanistan.  Apparently U.S. forces will remain in-theater for CT ops re al Qaeda and the Islamic State, meaning such a development might not have the legal consequences as to military detention that some might expect.  But don’t ask the National Security Advisor about that, he might not be in the loop on all this!
  5. National Security Division at DOJ has been busy, this time with charges in two cases involving naturalized American citizens who sought to take up arms for the Islamic State–one in Syria, and the other on a pedestrian bridge over the Grand Central Parkway in Queens…

And then there’s the sportsball…tune in for NFL predictions that are worth what you are paying to listen!

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