Episode 161: This Podcast Was Recorded “Before There Were Privacy Laws”

April 1, 2020

It’s not April Fool’s trick, we really are back with a new episode covering the latest in national security law news. Watch the video here, if you aren’t getting enough Zoom.  This week we’ve got:

  • DOJ’s Inspector General has come out with the first of what may be a series of reports on the quality of FBI’s procedures in preparing FISA applications.  This one is about compliance with the “Woods Procedures,” and it is not a positive story for FBI.  We explain, and we debate what follows from this.
  • Will we see more uses of force against Iranian proxies in Iraq? A New York Times article and a presidential tweet raise the question.
  • Meanwhile, returning to our all-too-familiar pandemic beat: we note the emergence of various rights claims–free exercise, abortion, guns–in relation to shelter-in-place/business-closure rules

Best of all, of course, is the frivolity.  If you are keeping up with WestWorld, we talk Episode 3 this week.

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