What a fun episode!  Co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck recorded “live” before the Austin Bar Association, as the finale of their day-long Zoom conference.  On tap:

  1. The ODNI report on FISA statistics: We have a detailed discussion of the highlights, focusing on whether there is cause for alarm in the renews that FBI in some instances failed to get a warrant (as required by statute) before accessing the content of U.S. person communications incidentally collected via 702.
  2. Pandemia: What’s the real story with the latest Defense Production Act order, the one directed at the meat-processing industry?
  3. Flynn-sanity:  Will Mike Flynn be pardoned, and if not will recent developments involving the FBI’s activities impact his sentence?
  4. Will the Supreme Court pave the way for judicial enforcement of Congressional subpoenas of Trump business records, or will it instead foreclose that possibility (and much more than that)?
  5. Hey, look, another judge for the 9/11 case at GTMO!

All that, plus a review of WestWorld episode 7.