Episode 174: Portland Trailblazing

July 21, 2020

This week we don’t lack for topics, to say the least. Tune in for in-the-weeds discussion of:

  1. Trumplandia meets Portlandia 1: What’s the legal basis for DHS components engaging in law enforcement activity there?
  2. Trumplandia meets Portlandia 2: Since when can you just shoot a non-violent person in the head with a “less-than-lethal” round?
  3. Trumplandia meets Portlandia 3: What’s the legal framework for DHS collection and analysis of intelligence relating to property-protective missions?
  4. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen litigates BOP’s ability to send him back to jail for publishing a book
  5. Meanwhile, in regular law enforcement: terrorism charges for an MS-13 leader
  6. Meanwhile, at GTMO: A remarkable sanction against the government issued by the trial judge in the Majid Khan military commission case
  7. Meanwhile in Europe: The Court of Justice of the European Union blows up Privacy Shield based on concerns involving Section 702 and also 12,333 collection
  8. Meanwhile in the 9th Circuit: A sharp dispute over the interaction of FISA and the state-secrets privilege just might set the stage for SCOTUS to weigh in

And then, after all, we have what we must admit was a desultory frivolity segment.  Though maybe that is purposeful performance art, projecting how the MLB “regular season” is going to feel…


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