Episode 182: This Podcast Will Keep Going Until They Come For Us!

October 21, 2020

And we’re back, after a(nother) week off!  What do we have to show for it? Tune is as co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney as they review:

  • Steve’s Supreme Court argument in Briggs — more military justice at SCOTUS!
  • Speaking of the Court: whither the role of the Chief once he’s not obviously the fifth vote? Who will be the new swing justice? And what to make of the Court’s actions this week in the Pennsylvania and Alabama election cases?
  • Meanwhile, over at the DOJ National Security Division:
    • Russian military officers indicted for NotPetya and more
    • A man convicted of material support who was nearing the end of his sentence just picked up an extra 25 years, for it turned out he was using his time to recruit others to carry out attacks and planning some future violence of his own
    • Two web domains used by Kata’ib Hizballah–a sanctioned foreign terrorist organization–have been seized, for needless to say KH did not get themselves an OFAC license…

And then the long-awaited Tom Berenger frivolity!  Jake, Barnes, Longstreet…much to discuss!

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