Episode 37: Enemy Combatants, Agents of Foreign Powers

September 19, 2017

In this week’s episode, Professors Chesney and Vladeck explore three big national security law developments from the past few days.

First up: the news that the FISC, on two separate occasions, issued orders authorizing surveillance of Paul Manafort’s communications.

Second: the news late last week that an as-yet-unnamed American citizen fighting for the Islamic State in Syria is now in US military custody and being held as an enemy combatant.

And third: an update on the travel-ban litigation as it moves into the Supreme Court.

All this, plus a random smattering of frivolous commentary on everything from the UT-USC game to the new Star Trek series.  (I know, I know, but they just insist on that stuff…don’t let it deter you from listening to the parts of the show when they actually know what they are talking about)!

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