Episode 9: [USperson 1] and [USperson 2] Discuss [Redacted]

March 24, 2017

In this episode, [USperson 1] and [USperson 2] discuss whether the law was violated by [USperson 3] when [he/she] spoke to [USpersons 4-17] about alleged surveillance of [USperson 18] or perhaps various [USpersons] working for [USperson 18]’s campaign.  They also discuss the appearance at [USuniversity 1] by [USperson 19] in which [he/she] did not talk about [USperson 18], but did have lots of interesting stuff to say about the “going dark” debate.  [USperson 1] and [USperson 2] also dig into the question of denaturalization of convicted terrorists, and whether this portends an uptick in such efforts or even an eventual move towards actual expatriation legislation for such cases.  Finally, they manage to talk about Ed Sheeran, Game of Thrones, and the impending return of [USperson 20’s] show VEEP, in which art increasingly imitates life.

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