Episode 101: “To me, [this podcast] is perfect”

November 27, 2018

And we’re back, full of turkey and much else besides!  We hope you all had a restful and grateful Thanksgiving (or, for our non-American listeners, that you had a wonderful ordinary work week), and are fired up for more national security legal analysis.  Today we’ve got:

  • The legality of using tear gas at the US-Mexico border
  • The bizarre “cabinet order” signed by Chief of Staff Kelly purporting to empower DOD to have the troops deployed to the border use lethal force, brief detention, and brief searches in protection of CBP personnel
  • Russia’s armed attack on Ukrainian naval vessels and subsequent seizure, prosecution, and even public-display of Ukrainian sailors
  • Hungary’s decision not to extradite a pair of Russian arms dealers to the US (where they would face charges for a plot to ship arms to narcotics cartels), and instead to send them back to Russia
  • A fascinating recent trend in which the U.S. Solicitor General has shown surprising willingness to seek Supreme Court review of district court decisions before a Circuit Court has weighed in (including in relation to the ban on transgender servicemembers)
  • An update on three recent convictions in terrorism-related cases
  • Airstrikes in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and elsewhere: we discuss a recent article by Spencer Ackerman regarding the data on these strikes, and the big picture implications

But wait, there’s more.  If you order now, you’ll also receive a wildly-frivolous review of that Christmas classic….Love Actually.  Actually Awesome? Actually Awful? A bit of both?  Sounds rather like this podcast, come to think of it…

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