Episode 108: Is It Arnold Palmer or Iced Tea-Lemonade?

January 30, 2019

Unlike Rent Live, all of our personnel participated in this week’s show!  We’ve got:

  1. The Venezuela Crisis: International Law complications with dueling recognitions
  2. More Venezuela: “5,000 Troops to Colombia” and Section 1021 of the Ronald W. Reagan NDAA FY’05
  3. How About Some More Venezuela? The national emergency declaration that has been in place since 2015, and sanctions under it
  4. The Prospect of Peace with the Afghan Taliban: Implications for GTMO detention litigation (and looming questions of deference)
  5. From SDF Military Detention to US Criminal Prosecution: Warren Clark is now in Houston, facing charges
  6. More Terrorism Prosecutions: two other IS-related material support cases, plus big sentences in a domestic terrorism case
  7. How About Some More Terrorism Prosecutions: A post-game review of the Nashiri oral argument
  8. Dude, why is our super-secret robot arm in your bag?  On the less-widely heralded Huawei prosecution
  9. More Huawei Prosecutions: Oh yeah, there’s also the one where the CFO is facing extradition from Canada for fraud in re Iran sanctions
  10. Pretty Soon No One Will Fight Alongside Us: On the Danish court ruling in the Green Desert Case
  11. Round 74: Arguing about whether DNI Dan Coats should stay or resign

Frivolity:  Super Bowl predictions –> Super Bowl halftime shows –> the “live musical” trend –> why didn’t Rent Live have an understudy???

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