Episode 112: And the Oscar Goes To…NSL Podcast!

February 26, 2019

The Oscars may not have a host, but we do!  Tune in to our latest episode as co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney debate a wide range of national security developments from the past week, including:

  1. May “ISIS bride” Hoda Muthana return to the United States?  Secretary Pompeo has announced that she may not, on the ground that she is not a citizen.  We review and debate a slew of issues this raises, including the legal frameworks for birthright citizenship, making determinations about citizenship status, expatriation, statelessness, and more.
  2. Should the State Department formally designate one or more drug cartels as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” triggering an array of consequences including making 18 USC 2339B–the famous 1996 “material support” law–relevant?
  3. Is the D.C. Circuit poised to rule that the Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause (in its procedural aspect) applies at GTMO, and what clues do we glean about this from the decision to deny preemptive en banc review in Ali?
  4. Speaking of the Fifth Amendment: Does the male-only nature of Selective Service Registration violate the protection against gender discrimination located in the equal-protection aspect of the Due Process Clause, now that women can have combat roles?

But these two can disagree about much more than the law.  They’ve got opinions on the Oscars too…

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