Episode 122: That Didn’t Fly for Buchanan…

May 21, 2019

In this week’s episode, Professors Vladeck and Chesney discuss and debate:

  • The district court ruling in Trump v. Committee on Oversight, in which the court rejects an attempt to quash a subpoena directed at an accounting firm that handled work for various Trump organizations.
  • The Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) opinion asserting blanket testimonial immunity for former White House Counsel Don McGahan.
  • The prospect that President Trump might invoke the Insurrection Act in order to have authority either to bring state National Guard forces of federal armed forces into service in relation to the capture and removal of migrants inside the United States.
  • The prospect that President Trump will issue pardons to U.S. servicemembers subject to court martial for war crimes.
  • The prospect that SCOTUS or Congress might one day modify the Feres doctrine, which precludes servicemembers from suing under the Federal Tort Claims Act.
  • The conviction of a naturalized U.S. citizen from Lebanon who had became an agent for Hezbollah’s external operations arm.
  • The 20-year sentence meted out to a former CIA and DIA officer who passed classified information to Chinese authorities.

And of course we have something to say about the finale of Game of Thrones!

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