Episode 128: Now Witness the Power of this Fully Armed and Operational [PCLOB]!

July 17, 2019

For our latest episode, we offer you NSL Podcast Mad Libs in lieu of show notes!

We’re back after a __ [number]-week break, and there have been some ____ [noun] security law developments in the meantime!  Professors ____ [full name of celebrity] and [full name of sports star] are here to ____ [verb] all of it.  ___ [adjective] ____ [plural noun] on this episode include:

  1. Justice Stevens, R.I.P.: We reflect on key national security ____ [plural noun] he wrote or impacted.
  2. Border ____ [noun] Litigation Update
  3. SCOTUS trends: The ____ [noun] General keeps seeking early SCOTUS involvement in ____ [plural noun].  Steve’s forthcoming ____ [name of school] Law Review article ____ [verb ending in -s] explains the significance of all this in terms of the ____ [noun] Docket, as you can read here.
  4. PCLOB gears up: The ____ [noun] & Civil [plural noun] Oversight Board is back in action, identifying upwards of __ [number] current projects, including a review involving XKEYSCORE and another concerning _____ [adjective] _____ [plural noun].
  5. Luxemburgers: ____ [name of celebrity] explains what took him to Luxembourg recently and what this had to do with Privacy ____ [noun].
  6. The NDAA inches closer to a ___ [noun] fight: The House _____ [past-tense verb] its version of the NDAA, and it is packed with ____ [plural noun].  The White House may well ____ [verb] the end result, but first we have to see what happens with the _____ [name of an organization] version of the bill and the process of reconciling the two.
  7. UCI & Bergdahl: The Army Court of ___ [plural noun] has ruled on Bowe Bergdahl’s Unlawful Command Influence appeal, finding that President Trump’s Twitter ___ [noun] constituted a ____ [adjective] ____ [noun], but the resulting _____ [noun] was harmless.
  8. Casebooks: Just in time for ___ [a year far into the future], Steve and his co-authors ______ [name of rock star], ____ [name of movie star], and ______ [name of politician] have completed the supplement for their casebook on ______ [noun] law.

As for frivolity, your co-hosts at long-last present their review of a the ___ [adjective] Star Trek episode “The ______ [name of animal].”

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