Episode 132: On the Way to Greenland!

August 20, 2019

And we are back with more debate and discussion concerning the latest national security and law news!  In this week’s episode, co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck explore:

  • The legal complexities that followed from the resignation of Sue Gordon as Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence and the follow-on appointment of Adm. Joe Maguire (up to that point the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center) to be the Acting DNI (a temporary appointment that by statute precludes him from continuing to serve as NCTC Director; no word on whether Amazon intends to use this as a plot point for its Liberty Crossing show).
  • Two new bills in Congress, each of which would create a new federal crime of “domestic terrorism” (see here for Senator McSally’s bill, and here for Rep. Schiff’s bill)
  • A Ninth Circuit ruling truncating the geographic scope of an injunction preventing the Trump Administration from implementing its plan to require asylum applicants to make their original application before entering the United States (and associated issues with “national” injunctions)
  • And then there is our Greenland segment…seriously, a Greenland segment!

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