Episode 145: The Meh-mometer Is Stuck at Meh

November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  If you are stuck in an airport or on a long drive this week, we’ve got you covered for at least one hour, as Professors Chesney and Vladeck discuss and debate:

  • The military commission cases: we provide a full “reset” bringing you up to speed on where things stand with each of the major cases (including a reminder about an important pending motion in the 9/11 case)
  • National Cupcake Day gives way to the Ides of March, as Congress pushes the sunset for several notable FISA provisions from 12/15/19 to 3/15/20
  • The Secretary Esper/Spencer dispute and the good-order-and-discipline issue raised by the president’s intervention in the Gallagher case
  • CENTCOM and SDF get the band back together in Syria, and detainees result…which is a timely reminder that we still depend on SDF to run detention ops in Syria.
  • Subpoena time for Don McGahn?  We consider the prospects on appeal, as well as the implications for former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

But of course what you really want to know is what your hosts think of episode 3 of the Mandalorian.  That, plus Lamar Jackson!

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