Episode 147: Sometimes You Get a Donald J. Trump

December 10, 2019

Welcome back to the National Security Law Podcast!  This week we discuss:

  1. The two Articles of Impeachment
  2. The Inspector General’s Report on the origins and conduct of the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference
  3. Amazon’s lawsuit arguing that President Trump improperly influenced the DOD cloud contract bid selection
  4. The NDAA and the legal framework for DoD to conduct (and counter) grey zone information operations
  5. The investigative report on persistent overstatement of success in Afghanistan
  6. The attempt to Dzokhar Tsarnaev to make a claim for juror/prosecutor bias in the Bostom Marathon bombing case
  7. The decision to suspend the process of designating 1 or more Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

That, plus some frivolous commentary on football.  Alas, no review (yet) of Mandalorian episode 5….

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