Episode 152: John Bolton Is Welcome to Testify on this Podcast

January 29, 2020

After a wholly-frivolous episode last week, we are back with…well…a slightly-frivolous episode this week.  Tune in as your co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney review and debate:

  • The likely procedural, jurisdictional, and other legal issues that may arise if and when the Senate issues a subpoena to John Bolton and the White House attempts to prevent his testimony.
  • The Justice Department’s recent decision to concede the impropriety of two of the FISA Title I applications that had been submitted to the FISC in relation to Carter Page, and what this might mean as we continue to barrel towards the Ides of March deadline for renewal (or not) of four FISA authorities.
  • Testimony at GTMO from the architects of the “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” program CIA used on high-value detainees, reminding us among other things that the 9/11 trial is supposed to start in (checks watch) less than a year.
  • Eddie Gallagher’s decision to denounce the servicemembers who testified against him, and then to circulate information about precisely where those people can be found, might seem merely bad taste in the case of a civilian.  But for a retired servicemember subject to recall, and subject as well to the rather broad scope of certain UCMJ offenses, might the answer be different?

The show concludes with a reminiscence about Kobe Bryant, and then a review of…Picard, of course!

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