Episode 157: At Least There Are No Zombies…Yet

March 4, 2020

Back-to-back episodes!  After yesterday’s interview-focused show, we wanted to get right back into the mix with discussion and debate over the latest national security law news.  Tune in for:

  •  Beyond quarantine: What happens when local authorities declare an emergency and then bar people *released* from quarantine from being in the city? San Antonio wants to find out…
  •  So Ken Cuccinelli is *not* the Acting Director at US CIS, because he was not properly made the “first assistant” in the chain of succession. Or so says the other Randy Moss.
  • FISA FOIA fix?  A court finds that when the White House said they declassified some Carter Page FISA material, but had not actually done so, FOIA’s national security exemption still applied as a result.
  •  Peace with the Afghan Taliban?  We will see.  And we will see, too, what this might mean for “unraveling” the background premise that the law of armed conflict remains applicable as between the United States and al Qaeda-related detainees still in military detention at GTMO.
  •  What does it signify to say that someone “loyally gets appointed”?  A grammatical mess, perhaps, but the phrase nicely captures the current President’s (already familiar) understanding: if you work anywhere in his organization, personal loyalty is job one.
  •  Loads of developments relating to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, particularly relating to asylum claimants.

But nevermind all that.  Tune in just for the Picard frivolity at the end!

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