Episode 159: This Podcast Is Zoom-y!

March 21, 2020

We may be on home lockdown, but that didn’t stop us from recording!  Thanks to the magic of Zoom, we gathered online to record this episode, and just for kicks we recorded the video while we were at it.  So, if you ever wondered what sort of faces we make at each other while recording, well, now’s your chance.  We’ll put the link for the video out, via the NSL Podcast twitter feed (@nslpodcast).  Enjoy!

As for substance:

  1. The expiration of the Lone Wolf, Roving Wiretap, and Section 215 authorities, and the current uncertainty over whether they’ll be renewed eventually
  2. The current pandemic: we explore the major categories of potential federal action, distinguishing the missing efforts to boost the supply of PPE, ventilators, and the like from topics like federal quarantines, travel restrictions, and infection-exposure surveillance. Where is the Manhattan Project/Moonshot level effort to surge production???
  3. Reports of a DOJ proposal for legislation addressing criminal justice process when courts are shutdown or disrupted by the pandemic.  Is it a Suspension when there’s a suspension of operations?

And then there’s Picard.  We review the two most-recent episodes!

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