Episode 169: Now We’re a Third Amendment Podcast

June 12, 2020

After an extra-long break, we are back…and swamped!  Tune in for debate and discussion of, among other things:

  • The National Guard deployments to Washington, DC, including questions of status, command, and authority
  • The special circumstances of the DC National Guard (and, relatedly, the issue of DC statehood)
  • The Third Amendment, hotels, and originalism???
  • Civ-Mil relations and the weird weeks for General Milley and Secretary Esper
  • The Tom Cotton Op-Ed and the NY Times’ response to the fallout from it
  • The NDAA and proposals to mandate renaming of US military bases named for Confederate Generals
  • GTMO, military commissions, the Majid Khan ruling (to the effect that torture can be cited as grounds for mitigation at sentencing), and implications for the 9/11 prosecution and capital punishment
  • President Trump’s Executive Order declaring a national emergency vis-a-vis the prospect of ICC action against U.S. personnel, and the corresponding creation of a sanctions regime against not just ICC personnel involved in such actions but also against those who materially support them.

And a surprisingly belated-yet-timely review of HBO’s Watchmen series.  Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, get started!

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