Episode 219: And the Podcast Host-Designate Is …

May 17, 2022

Some of y’all were wondering if the show was done-for now that co-host Bobby Chesney has been named the next dean of the University of Texas School of Law.  But as it turns out, the main impact of that on the show probably will be no more and no less than to take the level of preparation that he and co-host Steve Vladeck put into things to new lows!

All of which is a long-winded way of saying: we’re back with a fresh episode, this time focused on (1) discussion of the leak(s) associated with the Supreme Court’s Dobbs case and (2) a review of what a war-crimes analysis might entail as applied to operation Russia’s GRU conducted to shut down Ukraine’s grid during the period after the occupation of Crimea but before the outbreak of the current invasion!

Ok, there’s also a preposterously detailed discussion (in the form of a song-to-song competition) of the relative merits of various Indigo Girls albums.  Seriously?  Seriously.

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