Episode 224: Mar-a-Lag-o-Palooza

August 15, 2022

After just one week, incredibly, we are back!  And we’re joined by two of our fantastic Texas Law students.  Ryan Brown and Adam Goodrum won the right to guest host at last year’s public-interest auction at Texas Law, and as it happens they signed up for the episode coinciding with the unsealing of the now-famous Mar-a-Lago search warrant!

If you are itching for a nearly line-by-line breakdown of the three criminal statutes mentioned in the search warrant application (as well as a key statute that is not mentioned), this is the show for you.  And if you also might be interested in a painfully-long discussion of the complexities that arise when a president acts contrary to an existing executive order, without actually amending or otherwise altering that executive order, well this is your lucky day!

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