Episode 23: She Could Be the Ruckelshaus to Rosenstein’s Richardson

June 13, 2017

In this episode, Professors Vladeck and Chesney come up with a tongue-twister of a title while exploring the legal fallout from the Comey testimony last week, including discussions of (1) whether Comey’s actions were illegal (hint: they weren’t), (2) whether executive privilege attached to his conversations with Donald Trump (hint: not really), and (3) what would it look like if the president decides to try to fire Bob Mueller–or even abolish the office of the special counsel.  Your hosts also find time to talk about the recent arrest of two Hezbollah operatives inside the United States (with commentary on the role the material support statute plays in such cases), a recent airstrike in Somalia that DOD says took place under color of the recent policy decision to categorize Somalia as an area of active combat operations, a new bill from the House Armed Services Committee that would require DOD to give notice to HASC and SASC when conducting certain offensive (or active defense) cyber operations, and–of course–the latest twists and turns in the ever-more-complex Travel Ban litigation.  Tune in, give us a review on iTunes and elsewhere, and spread the word to others!

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