Episode 239: We Have Many Tapestries!

July 10, 2023

Well, it’s been about a month, so it’s good we are finally back with a fresh episode!  Tune in as hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney kick the tires on:

  • The New York Times story (per Charlie Savage) on the Biden Administration’s October ’22 revised policy guidance on kill/capture operations outside areas of active hostilities
  • Touching base with the will-it-ever-end (no) Nashiri litigation
  • The National Guard, federal court-martial jurisdiction for members not in federal service, and the Fifth Circuit
  • Missouri v. Biden: a stunning injunction (and 155-page underlying memo) limiting the ability of a slew of federal government leaders to work with social media platforms on content moderation

And, of course, no shortage of frivolity!  If you are not down with the frivolity, you definitely want to skip the first six minutes.  Well, maybe a lot more than that… :)

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