Episode 246: Around the Drain in 80 Days

June 19, 2024

Betcha thought we were done…but we’re back!  Tune in as Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate the latest (ok, some of this stuff is months old) national security law and related developments, including:

  • The renewal of Section 702 (aka our first contribution to the rapidly-upcoming debate over the next renewal)
  • The conviction of the former president in New York Court (and the prospects for SCOTUS to get involved)
  • Speaking of SCOTUS: we’re waiting on a *LOT* of big decisions over the next two weeks, including the presidential immunity claim, social media content moderation jawboning, and more
  • We’ve also got an upcoming oral argument in the Florida federal court trial of the former president in relation to classified documents
  • TikTok & Bytedance v. Garland: we discuss the prospects for the First Amendment claim, as well as the prospects for a Takings argument and, perhaps the sleeper topic among these, the Bill of Attainder argument

Of course there’s frivolity too.  Lots of it.  Watching the Acolyte? The Mets?  House of the Dragon?  Hitman?  Mr. Bates vs the Post Office?

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