Episode 44: Interrogation, Prosecution, and Detention Issues in the Wake of the NYC Attack

November 1, 2017

We are back, one day after dropping episode 43, with an emergency podcast discussion the legal consequences of the horrific attack that occurred in New York City yesterday.  The need for the podcast flows from the President Trump’s statements to the press today regarding the possibility of taking the perpetrator to Guantanamo,  his criticisms of the criminal justice process, and statements from Senator Graham emphasizing the need to interrogate the perpetrator without counsel.   Meanwhile, a military commission judge has held the JAG General who heads the defense operation there in contempt, confining him to quarters based on an episode in which the civilian defense team for al-Nashiri has withdrawn with his approval.  It’s a complicated situation all around, but Professors Chesney and Vladeck are here to walk through it all in this special episode.

Of course, they couldn’t help but add on, at the end, their views of the just-released AP Top 25 for college basketball…

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