Episode 57: About that #Mehmo (Special Edition on the Nunes Memo Release)

February 2, 2018

President Trump has declassified the Nunes Memo and it now is available to the public.  Your hosts–Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck–give it a deep-dive review here in a special-edition podcast episode.  Tune in to hear them discuss:

  • whether there are any factual claims in the memo which (*if* true) are worthy of concern (preview: they single out two);
  • whether any such concerns extend so far as to call into doubt whether FISC should have granted an order to surveil Carter Page (preview: no);
  • whether any such doubt extends to the larger FBI counterintelligence investigation involving Russia (preview: the #mehmo itself underscores that this investigation was well underway already); and
  • whether FBI Director Wray should now resign (preview: your hosts disagree.

Be sure to listen through to the very end, by the way; if you are a regular listener, you might be surprised by who gets most fired-up at the conclusion.

Meanwhile: please spread the word about this episode, and the show more generally!

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