Episode 81: The Road to 10,000

July 9, 2018

We’re back after a one-week layoff!  No SCOTUS announcement yet, alas, but we do have this to offer:

  1. Doe v. Mattis and the upcoming hearing on the government’s plan to release Doe in Syria
  2. The military commissions and the retirement of Judge Spath
  3. Over in the civilian court system, Uzair Paracha, convicted back in 2005, just won a motion for a new trial based on newly-discovered evidence (involving CSRT and other statements from GTMO detainees)
  4. A roundup of other recent DOJ prosecution developments (including the extradition of El Chapo’s successor)
  5. A deep dive into a set of tort suits involving overseas military activities and the role of civilian contractors, with an emphasis on the role the political question doctrine has played in defeating such cases
  6. A SCOTUS nomination preview
  7. Kudos to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) for its strong report documenting massive Russian intervention in the 2016 election

And, as always, some pure frivolity (including an analysis of the Kawhi Leonard debacle in San Antonio and notes on our favorite things about the World Cup).

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