Episode 90: What’d I Miss?

September 12, 2018

Well, would you look at that: your hosts are back in town at the same time at last, and they’ve got a fresh episode covering some of the major national security legal developments of the past couple of weeks!  We’ve got:

  1. A Doe v. Mattis update, naturally
  2. A new judge for the 9/11 prosecution, for now (but not a year from now, incredibly enough)
  3. New CMCR judges
  4. Nothing at all happening with al Nashiri
  5. Anonymous administration resisters
  6. Questions (and a cert. petition!) about the constitutionality of recalling retired officers to service in order to subject them to court martial, and some more SCOTUS petitions while we are at it
  7. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings (inevitably!)
  8. John Bolton vs. the ICC

All that, plus some pigskin frivolity (including some pretty wildly-optimistic prognostications).

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