Episode 92: Have Fun Storming the Castle!

September 25, 2018

And we’re back!  Tonight’s episode features:

  1. SCOTUS preview: though many have missed it, SCOTUS is in fact back in session very soon, and we have a preview of security-related petitions and some early grants as well.
  2. Trumplandia: Well, Rod Rosenstein sure was the subject of loads of speculation this week, and it soon became quite clear that it is time for…a refresher regarding the TWO DISTINCT chains of succession (and related issues) for his TWO DISTINCT functions (Deputy AG and, quite separately, Acting AG in relation to the Russia investigation).
  3. The Cybers: Not one but two “cyber strategies” dropped last week.  The National Cyber Strategy sure looks like John Bolton did not write all of it, and the DOD Cyber Strategy has some very interesting language relating to something called…”defense forward”?
  4. Mil Coms: What’s this about conducting hearings stateside???
  5. DOJ National Security Division updates: a chlorine gas bomb, a NSA security breach, and an unregistered agent of Beijing.

But we know you stuck around for the frivolity, and we’ve got a double-dose this week: MLB playoff predictions, and–thanks to our friends at The Intrepid Podcast–a debate about what makes something a pirate movie.  We don’t think that word means what they think it means!

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