Episode 97: FISA Part Deux (A Deeper Dive)

October 26, 2018

Aaaaand we’re back!  Yesterday we posted the first in a series of Deep Dive episodes on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, covering the origins and early-evolution of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Today, we pick up the thread with two critical aspects of the story:

  • the rise and (seeming) fall of “the wall” between foreign intelligence and law enforcement investigations; and
  • the rise and fall and transformed-revival of the Terrorist Surveillance Program

But wait, there’s more…we figured out early-on in this episode that we will need much more time to cover all that we want to cover.  And so this is not the deepest dive we’ll take on the FISA topic.  Next week, in episode 98, we’ll dive deeper still in order to complete the transition from TSP to 702, and then to discuss an array of other topics including the bulk metadata story and, inevitably, Snowden.

Meanwhile, plans for our live 100th episode taping in Washington on Wednesday November 14th (12:15-1:45) at American University’s Washington College of Law are in place!  The event will be in Yuma Hall Room 401, and the whole thing is thanks to our colleague Prof. Jen Daskal.  Thanks Jen.  Please RSVP here if you are planning to attend!  

And don’t forget — the deadline to get an NSL Podcast t-shirt is Halloween.  Order here!

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