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Episode 21: A Military Commissions Deep Dive

This episode is a bit different than normal.  Instead of tearing through the latest developments in the wide world of national security law, Professors Vladeck and Chesney instead provide a deep-dive overview of military commissions.... Read More
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Episode 17: On the Firing of Jim Comey

Yes Episode 16 just dropped yesterday, but given the firing of Jim Comey we felt duty bound to get back to the microphones ASAP.  And so here you will find Bobby and Steve reviewing and debating... Read More
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Episode 16: Authorizing Force Against the Islamic State

In this episode, Professors Vladeck and Chesney walk listeners through a recent proposal by Rep. Adam Schiff to replace the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs with a new “consolidated” AUMF that would explicitly name the Islamic... Read More

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