Episode 244: Not Our 30th Episode of 2023

Barring an unlikely spate of more than a dozen episodes happening over the next week, it sure looks like Steve has won his bet with Bobby, for this marks the 16th episode of 2023.  Ouch,... Read More

Episode 241: Let’s Barbie!

Tune in for the latest, in which we discuss life as a fall 1L, RICO, removal, Nashiri, Bahlul, Shimari, Barbie, and Silo. And if all those names mean something to you…well, you are among the... Read More

Episode 240: Something Got Released

If you are interested in a detailed and careful explanation of the charges at issue in United States v. Trump (the recent indictment of the former president in relation to his effort to overturn the results of... Read More

Episode 239: We Have Many Tapestries!

Well, it’s been about a month, so it’s good we are finally back with a fresh episode!  Tune in as hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney kick the tires on: The New York Times story... Read More

Episode 238: The World Wonders

Today’s episode focuses on the indictment in United States v. Donald Trump and Waltine Nauta, S.D. Fla. (23-80101-CR).  Co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney walk you through the factual allegations, the crimes charged, the areas where... Read More

Episode 237: Are You Not Detained???

And we’re back, with co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney breaking down the latest national security law news along with much else.  This week the spotlight is on the D.C. Circuit’s en banc decision in al... Read More

Episode 236: Damn the Torpedoes!

Good morning!  Episode 236 covers: The Trump Indictment The Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Abusive Commercial Spyware A CENTCOM strike against an IS target in Syria The future of private prosecutors? Read More

Episode 235: A Drone Struck

We’re back with a Spring Break edition, featuring: ICC cases emerging against Russian defendants for (1) removing children from Ukraine to Russia and (2) attacking civilian infrastructure A UK drone strike in Syria, a US... Read More