Episode 131: El Paso and Domestic Terrorism

This week’s episode features an extended discussion of domestic terrorism as a legal category and as a policy category, in light of the attack in El Paso.  Among other aspects, we discuss: Substantive criminal charging... Read More

Episode 129: This Is Quite the War Powers Podcast

This week on the National Security Law Podcast, with co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck: War Powers: Congressional testimony from the State Department’s Acting Legal Advisor confirms that the administration has placed AQIM on the list... Read More

Episode 126: Sometimes, “Nothing” Is Important

We are back with the latest in national security legal developments, with Professors Chesney and Vladeck agreeing where they can and arguing respectfully (and, let’s face it, nerdishly) where they can’t.  On tap this week:... Read More

Episode 125: Worst of Both Worlds

We are back with the latest national security law news, with your co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney explaining, debating, and–let’s face it–geeking out.  This week we’ve got: War Powers: The latest events in the... Read More

Episode 124: Who’s Ron Swanson?!?

And we are back, after a one-week hiatus, with loads of national security law debate and discussion, not to mention some Grade B frivolity! On tap for Professors Vladeck and Chesney: Detention of Enemy Combatants:... Read More

Episode 122: That Didn’t Fly for Buchanan…

In this week’s episode, Professors Vladeck and Chesney discuss and debate: The district court ruling in Trump v. Committee on Oversight, in which the court rejects an attempt to quash a subpoena directed at an accounting... Read More
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