Episode 148: This Podcast Is “Thug #7”

Tired of watching the impeachment?  Turn away from your monitor/tv, put in your earbuds, and go for a nice walk while listening to the latest National Security Law Podcast!  This week we have Professors Chesney... Read More

Episode 147: Sometimes You Get a Donald J. Trump

Welcome back to the National Security Law Podcast!  This week we discuss: The two Articles of Impeachment The Inspector General’s Report on the origins and conduct of the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference Amazon’s... Read More

Episode 146: What’s In Your Wallet? A Subpoena!

Welcome back to the National Security Law Podcast!  Tune in as Professors Vladeck and Chesney debate and discuss the week’s national security law news, including: Trumplandia: The House Intelligence Committee’s report shines a spotlight on... Read More

Episode 144: Lawful But Awful

Episode 144 is here! It was no easy task to sort out which topics to discuss this week, but in the end the Trumplandia segment prevailed over almost all the others.  The end result?  Tune... Read More

Episode 143: We won an award?!?

When you are done watching the impeachment hearings and just can’t take it anymore, it’s time to open up a can of … National Security Law Podcast!  For your happy hour or other occasions, we’ve... Read More

Episode 142: We’ve Got Company!

What fun!  We recorded this one in front of a large live audience at the Annual Review of the Field conference run by the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security, and we did... Read More