Episode 117: Y’all Got Designated

Live episode!  We recorded this morning before a live audience at the University of Texas School of Law reunion weekend.  It was a packed house of terrific alumni, and happily the week’s news conspired (pardon... Read More

Episode 114: Manafortnite

This week’s show features debate and discussion between co-hosts Professors Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney regarding: Paul Manafort: comparing his first and second federal sentences, and the timing of the new New York State charges... Read More

Episode 109: The State of the Podcast Is Strong!

This week on the National Security Law Podcast, we’ve got: A heavy pace of airstrikes against al Shabaab targets in Somalia Ruminations on declining media attention (and the prospect of a sharper dropoff soon) to... Read More

Episode 108: Is It Arnold Palmer or Iced Tea-Lemonade?

Unlike Rent Live, all of our personnel participated in this week’s show!  We’ve got: The Venezuela Crisis: International Law complications with dueling recognitions More Venezuela: “5,000 Troops to Colombia” and Section 1021 of the Ronald... Read More
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