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Episode 94: The Enemy of My Friend Is My Enemy

It’s a late-night, mid-week episode of the National Security Law Podcast! We’ve got: Senator Kaine’s letter to DOD raising questions about the theory of collective self-defense as applied in the domestic law context, in relation to the... Read More
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Episode 93: Is This a Buddy Podcast?

Spotted: A rare episode of the National Security Law Podcast clocking in at under one hour!  And yet there was much to discuss, including: T-Shirts!!!! At long last, the much-anticipated NSL Podcast t-shirts are for sale.  All... Read More
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Episode 92: Have Fun Storming the Castle!

And we’re back!  Tonight’s episode features: SCOTUS preview: though many have missed it, SCOTUS is in fact back in session very soon, and we have a preview of security-related petitions and some early grants as... Read More
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Episode 90: What’d I Miss?

Well, would you look at that: your hosts are back in town at the same time at last, and they’ve got a fresh episode covering some of the major national security legal developments of the... Read More
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Episode 87: The D.C. Circuit Ain’t Inquorate

And we’re back, with much to discuss in the wacky world of national security law.  Join Professors Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney as they wrestle with: A *huge* ruling by Judge Pohl in the Military... Read More

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