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Episode 40: It’s a Conspiracy

In this week’s episode, Professors Chesney and Vladeck zero in on four recent developments involving law and national security. First, they explore the Supreme Court’s decision not to review the splintered decision of the en... Read More
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Episode 37: Enemy Combatants, Agents of Foreign Powers

In this week’s episode, Professors Chesney and Vladeck explore three big national security law developments from the past few days. First up: the news that the FISC, on two separate occasions, issued orders authorizing surveillance... Read More
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Episode 32: Back to the Future…of Afghanistan and GTMO?

Never a dull moment in 2017.  In this week’s episode, Professors Vladeck and Chesney take on four topics (well, four relevant topics…do try to stay with them past their musings on home runs at the Little League... Read More

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