Episode 178: What Would Robert Jackson Do?

We are back after a week off, and apparently your co-hosts used the extra time to sharpen disagreements about old school topics like … GTMO!  Tune in for: An extended debate over the D.C. Circuit’s Al... Read More

Episode 177: This Podcast Does Not Have a Navy

We are back with a new episode, bringing you respectful disagreements and discussion–not to mention heaps of frivolity–about the latest national security law news.  This week, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss: Attorney General... Read More

Episode 174: Portland Trailblazing

This week we don’t lack for topics, to say the least. Tune in for in-the-weeds discussion of: Trumplandia meets Portlandia 1: What’s the legal basis for DHS components engaging in law enforcement activity there? Trumplandia... Read More

Episode 173: This Is John Roberts’s Podcast

We’re back, with a Supreme-Court focused episode!  Tune in for: The Supreme Court’s twin decisions in the New York grand jury and Congressional subpoena cases The consequences of those decisions for related litigation such as... Read More

Episode 172: Cleanup on Aisle Trump!

This week on NSL Podcast, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney review and debate the latest national security legal news, including: Russian “bounties” on U.S. forces in Afghanistan, including (theoretical) legal implications A district court... Read More

Episode 171: There’s a Spectrum of Corruption

We’re back with an evening recording, as co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck weigh in on: The D.C. Circuit’s Mike Flynn ruling, and the likely path ahead The bizarre process of removing SDNY US Attorney... Read More