Episode 218: From 28(j) to Enterprise-J

Ok, ok, it’s been a full month since the last episode.  But good things come to those who wait!  We are back, and hope you’ll tune in as co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck discuss... Read More

Episode 215: Rhyming or Outright Repeating?

We are back with a fresh episode, hot on the heels of Russia’s latest incursion into Ukraine. Tune in as we survey some of the legal dimensions to this latest development (including discussion of the... Read More

Episode 214: What Month Is This Anyway?

We are back, and even though one of us apparently cannot work this new tech called a “calendar,” we’re excited to bring a shorter-than-usual episode without having a whole month go by! Tune in as... Read More

Episode 211: Behold, our Q4 episode

Ah, well, that took a bit longer than expected!  We promise we don’t mean to let this become a quarterly show, or even a monthly.  Too much national security law for that! In today’s episode,... Read More

Episode 210: The Witness Who Became a Meme

What’s that?  A new episode?  What have these guys been doing all month… Well, whatever they’ve been doing all September since Episode 209, Professors Vladeck and Chesney are back at last with a new episode. ... Read More