Episode 192: So…What Do We Do Now?

And then it was over. Wow.  Here’s hoping we can focus on traditional national security law topics from now on!   Today is a pretty good start. We’ve got: A new administration needs a welcoming gift…so,... Read More

Episode 191: The Biggest Fiasco of Them All

We’re back with further discussion of the insurrection: Is it constitutional for the Senate to carry on with trial of an Article of Impeachment if the impeached official is no longer in office? Yes, yes... Read More

Episode 190: Day of Infamy

Today was a national tragedy of the first order. Tonight we discuss: the many crimes that definitely were committed, and certain other crimes — particularly seditious conspiracy — that may have been committed (and how... Read More

Episode 189: Merry New Year!

How about a surprise mini-episode on New Year’s Eve???  Sure, why not!  Tune in for…well, not much.  We just wanted to say hi, happy new year, thanks for being listeners, and 2020-Don’t-Let-The-Door-Hit-You-On-The-Way-Out! Read More

Episode 188: Not *That* Enterprise

Hello from Austin, home of SolarWinds and CyberTrucks! [ed. note:  uh, no.  Let’s go with home of bbq and tacos instead]  We’re back with another round of discussion and debate with Professors Steve Vladeck and... Read More

Episode 187: Trumplandia in the Twilight

Hey, we’re back on our weekly schedule!  How ’bout that…now we’ll probably skip the next three, but hey, until then, we’ve got a quite a show, not to mention the launch of our holiday charity... Read More

Episode 186: Jumping the Kraken!

It’s National Safe Harbor day (for all you Electoral College enthusiasts), and we’re here to celebrate with a new show.  Join for spirited but respectful debate between Professors Chesney and Vladeck as they discuss: The... Read More

Episode 185: The Blah-to-Coup Ratio is Increasing

And…we’re back! Tune in as Professors Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss the latest in national security legal developments, including: Prospects for the Biden Administration to chart a new course with respect to (a) the... Read More

Episode 184: Make Rule 11 Great Again!

In this week’s episode, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate: The array of firings and appointments of senior Defense Department officials The law governing the General Services Administration and support for presidential... Read More