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Episode 102: This Podcast Is Bowl-Eligible

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least it’s the most wonderful time of the week, for we’ve just posted the latest episode of National Security Law Podcast!  Tune in for: Military... Read More
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Episode 100! Trumplandia: If I Did It…

It finally happened: a live episode, on the occasion of our 100th episode! Today we recorded at American University Washington College of Law thanks to the good offices of our friend–and co-host this week–Prof. Jen... Read More
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Episode 98: That’s What Leadership Looks Like

In today’s episode we take a break from our deep-dive series on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to reengage with the weekly inflow of national security law news.  We had no choice, really,... Read More
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Episode 97: FISA Part Deux (A Deeper Dive)

Aaaaand we’re back!  Yesterday we posted the first in a series of Deep Dive episodes on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, covering the origins and early-evolution of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Today, we pick... Read More
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Episode 95: Not Everybody Be DPH’ing!

Welcome to the latest episode of the National Security Law Podcast!  We’re back with our usual mix of discussion and debate about the most-interesting legal developments relating to national security over the past week. And... Read More
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Episode 94: The Enemy of My Friend Is My Enemy

It’s a late-night, mid-week episode of the National Security Law Podcast! We’ve got: Senator Kaine’s letter to DOD raising questions about the theory of collective self-defense as applied in the domestic law context, in relation to the... Read More

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