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Episode 78: Live from Singapore, Malaysia (?!?)

Ok, Steve and Bobby are not actually in Singapore (we sent Dennis Rodman instead). As usual, they’re up on the 6th floor at Texas Law, bringing you the following this week: Doe v. Mattis –... Read More
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Episode 77: Pardon Me?

Hello friends, and welcome back to the latest episode!  Last week was a bit quiet, but things are heating up.  This week we review and debate: War Powers:  This week saw the release of the... Read More
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Episode 76: The Valley of Ignorance

This week on the show: Another big win for FBI & DOJ in a terrorism prosecution, as a Maryland man gets 35 years for going to Somalia and becoming an unprivileged participant in hostilities for... Read More
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Episode 74: We’re Spending It On Barbecue!

Spring classes may be over, but national security legal news hasn’t slowed down one bit.  This week, Professors Chesney and Vladeck wrestle with the following: The D.C. Circuit ruling in Doe v. Mattis (forbidding the... Read More
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Episode 71: Everyone Knows It Is Saudi Arabia!!!

We have much to discuss in the world of national security and law this week, including but not limited to the worst-kept secret in the world. And we have some grade-A frivolity if you are... Read More
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(Bonus Episode) Ep.70: The Corker-Kaine AUMF

Well, we’re back, 24 hours after dropping Episode 69. Why? 2018, that’s why! Seriously, lot’s to discuss: A deep-dive into the draft 2018 AUMF from Senators Corker and Kaine.  Tune in for a VERY detailed... Read More

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