Episode 181: This Podcast Has Lots of Jitter

They may or may not have more presidential debates, but you’ll always at least have us!  Tune in for this week’s episode as Professors Chesney and Vladeck review the latest national security law developments: The... Read More

Episode 178: What Would Robert Jackson Do?

We are back after a week off, and apparently your co-hosts used the extra time to sharpen disagreements about old school topics like … GTMO!  Tune in for: An extended debate over the D.C. Circuit’s Al... Read More

Episode 177: This Podcast Does Not Have a Navy

We are back with a new episode, bringing you respectful disagreements and discussion–not to mention heaps of frivolity–about the latest national security law news.  This week, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss: Attorney General... Read More

Episode 174: Portland Trailblazing

This week we don’t lack for topics, to say the least. Tune in for in-the-weeds discussion of: Trumplandia meets Portlandia 1: What’s the legal basis for DHS components engaging in law enforcement activity there? Trumplandia... Read More