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Episode 50: The Big Chill

Are your other podcasts letting you down by taking a holiday break?  Never fear, National Security Law Podcast is here! With two host who would much rather be podcasting than grading exams, you are assured... Read More
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Episode 48: The Logan Act: Not Just Another Hugh Jackman Movie

In this week’s episode, Professors Chesney and Vladeck catch up with a number of 2017’s most-persistent national security law sagas. For starters, there’s the indictment and plea agreement of Michael Flynn.  What does the charge... Read More
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Episode 47: Donuts and Depth Charges

And…they’re back!  Fresh off of Thanksgiving, Professors Chesney and Vladeck are (all too) fired up to discuss the latest national security law news (not to mention a bunch of stuff that just isn’t relevant to... Read More
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Episode 46: The $15 Million Dollar Man

In this week’s episode, your devoted hosts dig into a bonanza of national security law odds-and-ends. First up is an en banc decision by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review involving the standing of... Read More

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