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Episode 98: That’s What Leadership Looks Like

In today’s episode we take a break from our deep-dive series on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to reengage with the weekly inflow of national security law news.  We had no choice, really,... Read More
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Episode 97: FISA Part Deux (A Deeper Dive)

Aaaaand we’re back!  Yesterday we posted the first in a series of Deep Dive episodes on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, covering the origins and early-evolution of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Today, we pick... Read More
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Episode 95: Not Everybody Be DPH’ing!

Welcome to the latest episode of the National Security Law Podcast!  We’re back with our usual mix of discussion and debate about the most-interesting legal developments relating to national security over the past week. And... Read More
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Episode 94: The Enemy of My Friend Is My Enemy

It’s a late-night, mid-week episode of the National Security Law Podcast! We’ve got: Senator Kaine’s letter to DOD raising questions about the theory of collective self-defense as applied in the domestic law context, in relation to the... Read More
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Episode 93: Is This a Buddy Podcast?

Spotted: A rare episode of the National Security Law Podcast clocking in at under one hour!  And yet there was much to discuss, including: T-Shirts!!!! At long last, the much-anticipated NSL Podcast t-shirts are for sale.  All... Read More
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Episode 92: Have Fun Storming the Castle!

And we’re back!  Tonight’s episode features: SCOTUS preview: though many have missed it, SCOTUS is in fact back in session very soon, and we have a preview of security-related petitions and some early grants as... Read More

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