Episode 103: This Podcast Should Be Dis-BARRed

December 11, 2018

Interested in the views of Once and Future Attorney General Bill Barr on questions like the power of the president to initiate a war, remove officials, and other hot separation of powers topics?  We read his oral history so you don’t have to, along with some other writings, and we unpack it all for you here in Episode 103.  For good measure, we’ve also got a close look at the latest GTMO habeas litigant to attempt (vainly, we suspect) to get the attention of SCOTUS, along with notes on recent uses of force in Somalia, DRPK sanctions out of Treasury, and the arrest of the Huawei CFO in Canada (for extradition to face sanctions-avoidance charges in the US).

But as usual we saved the best for last: What is your favorite foreign film?  We’ve got about eight of them to discuss, and some common themes emerge.  Be sure to hit us up on Twitter (@nslpodcast) with your own favorites!

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