Episode 119: This Podcast Is Dark and Full of Spoilers

April 30, 2019

After a one-week hiatus, the NSL Podcast is back!  Tune in for debate and discussion as Professors Vladeck and Chesney talk about:

  1. The Mueller Report and its aftermath
  2. Impeachment vs Censure
  3. The Trump Subpoena litigation
  4. The summary judgment decision in Jewel v. NSA (concerning a would-be class action challenging warrantless surveillance)
  5. An update on the question of whether Section 215 will be renewed in whole or in part
  6. The latest ODNI statistics on the use of surveillance authorities (with an emphasis on “unmasking”)
  7. A wave of recent DOJ prosecution developments involving China and espionage, counterterrorism, and other matters

Oh, yes, there also apparently was an episode of Game of Thrones the other night.  A battle of some kind?  These guys have some opinions…

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