Episode 163: This Podcast Will Have a Very Powerful Reopening

April 15, 2020

And we’re back, with discussion of the latest national security law news. (Video of the show here!)  This week, co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney nerd out with the details on:

  1. Can he do that? President Trump says he might adjourn Congress so as to be able to use his recess-appointment power.  Inquiring minds want to know: is that a thing?
  2. Oh, also: can he do thatPresident Trump also says he has “total authority” over whether and when the economy should reopen, and Vice President Pence says that POTUS has “plenary” power in this emergency setting.  Inquiring minds also want to know if that is a thing.  So, we end up with a somewhat-deep dive into, of all things, the Supreme Court’s decision in In re Debs.
  3. Wait, who’s the judge now? There’s yet another new trial judge for the 9/11 case at GTMO.  What’s the record for a single trial???  Meanwhile, it appears that this one has denied a defense request for access to otherwise-unavailable parts of the SSCI “Torture report.”

But forget all that.  The real action, as usual, is the frivolity.  Westworld’s latest episode is on tap!


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