April 22, 2020

Is this our most-substantive episode ever?  No, no it’s not.  Is it a sign that co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney are going a bit stir crazy?  Perhaps so.  Does it feature cute cameos from Steve’s kids and his dog? Yes, that it does! (Which is why you probably want to peek at the Zoom video recording of the session, which is here!)  At any rate, tune in for:

  1. Pandemia: We discuss and debate the implications of the Attorney General’s cryptic reference to the possibility of Justice Department intervention in litigation against states in connection with state public health policies.  More war on federalism, or nothing-to-see-here?
  2. GTMO has a new Convening Authority!  (Sorry, did you say “What’s a Convening Authority”????)
  3. SCOTUS wants to weigh in, at last, on the meaning of “exceeds authorized access” in the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.  This could turn into the second-most-famous Van Buren!

That’s actually it for substance.  But don’t think they won’t talk for 15 minutes about WestWorld.

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