Episode 176: This Podcast Won’t Play Football This Fall

August 10, 2020

We were out last week…what’d we miss?


So, there was much we could have covered this week, but we decided to focus on these three:

  1. The First Circuit ruling vacating the Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon Bombing) death penalty based on concerns about jury bias
  2. The President’s decision to sanction TikTok and WeChat
  3. Legal questions raised by the quartet of executive orders and other presidential directives over the weekend relating to COVID-19 economic relief, including an important federalism question relating to the scope of CDC/HHS pandemic-response authority.

As for frivolity: we discuss whether and how college football will unfold this fall (or maybe this spring, or maybe not at all), but more importantly we also ask listeners to weigh next week on an important topic: Best movie soundtracks of the 1980s.  Which is pretty funny because, well, that was the subject of frivolity in Episode 50, and neither of us remembered that while recording the current episode!  In fairness, that was fall 2017, which was like 623 years ago…

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