Episode 201: Revels, Revolts, and Reduxes…Part Deux

May 6, 2021

Our latest episode is shorter than normal because…well, we recorded most of it and then lost the file.  Suffice to say we were a bit tired by the time the re-recording was done!  Or maybe we’re better off this way?  Either way, tune in for our thoughts on the DC Circuit’s en banc grant in the al Hela GTMO detainee case (asking whether the Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause applies at GTMO), the ACLU’s attempt to get SCOTUS to review a FISCOR decision relating to the ACLU’s efforts to compel public release of FISC opinions on First Amendment grounds, and the recent FOIA-based release of the 2017 Trump administration changes to the 2013 Obama administration “PPG” rules on targeted kill/capture operations outside of areas of active hostilities.

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