Episode 202: Back in Steve’s Office

May 20, 2021

Recording episode 202 was something of a milestone for us, because we met in Steve’s office for an in-person recording for the first time since Before.  Wow!  We’re grateful to be back in the “studio,” and we found it was a much-more fun experience for us.  See if you can detect the difference as we talk about

  1. A GTMO military commission ruling construing the Military Commissions Act prohibition on the admissibility of information derived from torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment to apply only as to offers of evidence in the trial setting, not to pre-trial motion practice (at least where the statement in question is not offered for the truth of the matter asserted).
  2. The judicial carousel at the mil coms prepares to spin again.
  3. The sentence-reduction agreement in the Majid Khan case, which will (as that label suggests!) reduce his sentence in exchange for Khan giving up on his effort to secure testimony regarding his treatment while in CIA custody.
  4. Some brief comments on the Gaza situation.
  5. Noting that Matt Olsen will be nominated to replace John Demers as the head of DOJ’s National Security Division, continuing the tradition of excellent leadership in that office.

We also have all sorts of utterly frivolous thoughts about Top Gun and the Top Gun sequel, as well as Marvel’s plan for a Star Lord-focused scripted podcast series set in a dystopian non-cinematic universe timeline. Can’t wait!

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