Episode 55: #ReleaseThePodcast

January 23, 2018

Happy anniversary, y’all!  It’s been one full year since we launched this podcast, and we are very grateful for all our listeners.  Here’s hoping there is *less* to discuss in our second year!

This week, we’ve got:

  1. The FISA Amendments Reform Act: How exactly does the new warrant requirement work, what it do with “about” collection, and how did it approach the question of “parallel construction”?
  2. #ReleaseTheMemo:  What the heck is this all about?
  3. Must the government have a statutory or treaty basis to transfer John Doe (a Saudi-US dual-citizen held for many months now in US military custody in Iraq, and the petitioner in Doe v. Mattis) to the custody of a third country?
  4. Travel Ban 3.0: on its way to SCOTUS in what is shaping up to be a blockbuster term.
  5. The REAL ID Act and the expiration of a key deadline for travelers from certain states and territories.
  6. The Anti-Deficiency Act and what it means for the pay of military personnel when the government is shutdown.
  7. A temporary grant of authority to the executive branch to reprogram intelligence appropriations?

As for the usual frivolity: Your hosts were committed to getting the show under one hour this week…and, anyway, they couldn’t think of anything fun for their final segment.  Unfortunately, this seems to have encouraged them to digress at unpredictable times during the core program to an even greater extent than normal.  Bear with them, it’ll be worth it!

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