Episode 69: Friday Was Quite a Month

April 16, 2018

In light of the amazing developments last Friday, we decided to move the show up to today.  Tune in for discussion of five things that happened just that one day:

  1. A deep dive on the international law framework implicated by the US/UK/FR airstrikes on Syrian government facilities associated with chemical weapons (with a special emphasis on the UK’s asserted humanitarian intervention justification).
  2. An equally-deep dive into the US domestic law framework governing the use of the military (with a special emphasis on the problem of drawing the line between uses of the military that rise to the level of “war” and those that involve lethal force yet still do not count as war).
  3. The OIG report on Andy McCabe.
  4. The ongoing dispute over attorney-client privilege in relation to the search warrant executed at Michael Cohen’s office.
  5. The flurry of rumors about the imminent firing of Rod Rosenstein.

And if you can hang in for a full hour of that stuff, you’ll be treated to the long-awaited review of…Black Panther!  (Of course, you’ll also be “treated” to more celebration of the Amazin’ Mets).

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