Episode 166: This Podcast Has Temporary Absolute Immunity

May 13, 2020

Welcome back to the National Security Law Podcast, after a one-week hiatus!  (You can actually watch the recording here, if you need more Zoom in your life). In this episode, Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate:

  1. This week’s SCOTUS oral arguments in the Trump business subpoena cases.  Is a pragmatic compromise in the works?  Will the DA and HPSCI emerge winners?
  2. DOJ called, and they want to abandon their successful prosecution of Mike Flynn because…well, res ipsa loquitor.
  3. Speaking of Mike Flynn, the “unmasking” pseudo-controversy is back.
  4. FISA amendment mayhem!  A bid to prevent use of Section 215 for browser records *just* fails to make it into the Senate bill, and then a boost to the amicus system–and the rules on disclosure of exculpatory evidence and on Woods procedures compliance–makes it over the goal line easily.  But will the House follow suit?
  5. Something about war powers something something veto or something…is anyone watching???

And then there was the season finale of Westworld.  It’s like they just ran out of good ideas…

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