Episode 196: Good…and Terrible!

March 9, 2021

An extra-fun episode because we have an extra person with us tonight: Texas Law 3L Jake Bishop, our special guest host!  Jake, thanks for joining in the fun!

Tune in, as Jake and co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss:

  • The return of the PPG?  The Biden administration reinstates, for now, certain rules regarding the use of lethal force outside areas of active hostilities. Will it last? Does it matter?
  • AUMF reform: the 2002 (and 1991!) AUMF version
  • AUMF reform: the 2001 AUMF version
  • The prospects for a “covert” response against Russian networks in relation to SolarWinds, and whether that makes any sense
  • Steve’s (apparently brutal) oral argument before the CAAF today

Oh, and apparently there is a sequel to Coming to America?  Maybe they should have tried a bit harder on that one….

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